Warehouse Racking Systems

Storage Racking Systems:

Warehouse racking system is an important tool of modernization and improve the efficiency of the market share, but also more and more high. Warehouse rack  storage devices, is based on the packaging, transportation and unloading, sorting, information management are the six basic functions of logistics. With the continuous development of the 2014 storage rack industry, more and more industries and enterprises of the warehouse to warehouse rack, warehouse rack  is one of the main equipment, storage can be said, warehouse rack is a modern industrial warehouse, logistics center, equipped with central essential compone…
The heavy duty pallet rack in Aceally has the following standard: All steel are products from national large scale steel group company with stable quality. Each resolution is special designed for each customer. Types of column section are:80\90\100\110\120\130\140\150\160.Types of rack structure are:Pallet rack,Drive in,Push back,Gravity and VNA.
When choose heavy duty pallet rack,the size of material box,the weight of goods position and levels shall be considered to determine proper column,beam,forklift or storage truck,which will affect the storage density.

We also offer:
1. Professional CAD Drawings
2. Stamped Engineered Drawings
3. Custom designed and built to meet your specific needs and requirements.
4. Custom sizes and colors are also available.

After Sales Service
1.Professional engineer and application specialists respond to your requests efficiently;
2.Online via SKYPE MSN; Also through mail, voice phone message and fax if network is not accessible for customer;
3.Follow up the case, record the entire process, report complaint to QC department;
4.QC will find defect from which department ,who is in charge to identify responsibility
5.Record customer respond,suggestion,requirement.

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