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Aceally (International) Group is a world's leading manufacturer and provider of high quality industrial and commercial storage solutions, Its sales network has spread all over the world ,including Australia, Middle East, North America, South America,etc.
Established since 1997 by Victor Wong, Aceally has now developed into a big Group owning more than 1,200 staffs and 4 factories located in Nanjing, Nantong, Kunshan and Xiamen, covering a total area of 150,000 m2 .
Our products range from selective pallet racking and shelving technology to various warehouse equipment accessories. With our professional design team, we have years of experience to provide the best solutions to our customers.
Hello there, my name is Merv clines, I am representing Aceally Group clients’ demonstrate.
We have been five-year relationship now with Aceally, sourcing various products, particularly accessories of storage relating to our supply which is makes a right for an unable supplier source. This relationship has been two-won relationship, it’s been very profitable for both of us. And we are happy to continue with this relationship. A valuable ,positive this relationship which rejoins me with the development of products to the satisfactory itself and our customers in Sudam market.
Australia Client
We basically had the opportunity of meeting Mr. Victor and Mr. Joshua of Aceally in 2008 to develop business for our racking in Nigeria. As we felt that is far easier to develop storage places in Nigeria going vertical rather than going horizontal.  With the support of Aceally, We have been able to introduce to our team in Nigeria several racking solutions. To Venice companies, nearly about twenty different companies including JELELAM Group, some are automotive, some are food, some are pharmaceutical and even now in cold stores. We hope Mr. Victor,  Mr. Joshua with the Aceally team can carry the solutions to all other countries and grow their business. I take this opportunity to thank them on behalf of JELELAM Group, Mr.Sheel and Mr.Gosh to have support their business in Nigeria.
Nigeria Client
It’s about my first visit to one of the Aceally installations,  cold storaging installation of drive-in racking.
I’m very impressed .Hmm…The system is very stable ,hmm,the upright is very big,Where locked about the upright bolted with horizontals and diagonals. It shouldn’t be damaged
It’s easy to cut and enjoy in the old repeat.
Hmm ,the system looks very stable and I am very impressed.
Aceally is well done.
Qatar Client

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